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Wuji Chlorella Affirmation #27 – Religion


Wuji Quote:

“God has no religion” – Mahatma Gandhi

Wuji Warrior Thought:

Religion is an important and beautiful thing when understood and practiced properly.  All religions of the world focus on love, compassion, and service.  Yet, in the history of the world nothing has had a greater lack of understand which in turn has caused more blood shed than any other cause.  For religion to be beautiful we must understand that mine is right for me but that doesn’t mean another’s religion is wrong.  We must understand that all religions are just different processes that have been developed by man to tap into or build a relationship with this energy, but all are right and good when understood correctly.

Wuji Chlorella Weekly Affirmation™ –

I am Happy, Healthy, and I feel One with Universal Energy.

I feel and express Love and Compassion through Service to others.

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