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The Importance of Whole Food Supplementation, Wuji Chlorella

Whole Foods are foods that contain the diverse nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. They are in their natural form with little to no processing. The term “Whole Food” is often misinterpreted as being Organic but this is not correct. Whole Foods are not necessarily Organic and Organic products are not necessarily Whole Foods. Whole Foods are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Studies show that multi-nutrient supplementation can have significant improvement in individuals diagnosed with cardiovascular disease (CVD), the largest killer of American citizens every year. Therefore, it is increasingly important that Americans not only improve their overall diet, but add a whole food, multi-nutrient supplement. This is a daunting task, due to the catastrophic increase in readily available low-nutrient, processed foods and the lack of available high-nutrient, whole, pure, natural, sustainable foods (non-GMO).

The best place to start nutrient supplementation is with a Pure, Natural, Sustainable, Whole Food supplement, Wuji Chlorella; not a synthetic concentrated multi-nutrient supplement like an Over-The-Counter multi-vitamin.

“Let (whole) food be thy medicine and medicine be thy (whole) food.”

-Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine

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